Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clean Air Tactic in Chinese Apartments

Hong Kong is known as a smoggy city, and a chain of apartments in Hong Kong has found a new way to attract potential renters - by offering cleaner air!

Chi Residences has teamed up with Oxyvital, makers of air purifiers, and has installed them in each of its apartments, usually rented out as short-term home arrangements. These purifiers act somewhat like a catalytic converter in a car - "breaking down carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other gases into oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide." The resulting clean air pumped into the apartment is compatible with the World Health Organization's standards for clean indoor air. Therefore, Chi Residences can make the claim that "clean air is included in the rent."

All over the world, people are making changes to their homes to ensure they are breathing the cleanest air possible. Why not make the same changes in your home? Call Air Purifying Systems and Solutions today to get started!

Source: TheWallStreetJournal

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