Sunday, October 23, 2011

Plants Help Purify Your Home

We all know that trees and plants help to create fresh, clean air for us to breathe. Have you considered having plants in your home to help purify the air? Below are the top five plants to have in your home or office to help improve the air quality, in addition to your purifier from Air Purifying Systems and Solutions, of course!

Rubber Plant

1. Palm Plants - These are fairly common in gardens and are considered great cleansers because they supply humidity to the air in the home.

2. Rubber Plants - These plants are very efficient at expelling toxins. However, if you've got pets or young children, this may not be the plant for you, as the leaves can be toxic if consumed.

3. Draceana - These plants not only help purify the air but are available in a variety of attractive and unique shapes that add flair to your home!

4. English Ivy - This is the best indoor plant for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. The plant itself is poisonous, so you shouldn't touch it, but it is a great cleanser for milder and mold.

5. Boston Fern - This plant is a very potent air purifier and one that is great to have in your home or even your outdoor garden.

Combining an air purifying plant with your air purifier not only keeps your air cleaner but adds life to your home!

Source: OneIndiaLiving

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