Monday, July 25, 2011

Make Changes to Control Asthma

Asthma itself has become better understood in the past few years. Asthma is a two-step disease: a chronic inflammation of the airways that may be so subtle that it goes unnoticed, punctuated by periodic flare-ups into asthma's obvious and sometimes deadly symptoms.

The overwhelming majority of children with asthma are also allergic to the most common allergens such as animal dander, cockroaches, dust mites, mold and mildew, and pollen. Studies show that the severity of asthma correlates with the degree of allergy and with the levels of allergen in the home or environment.

Take control over the asthma situation in your home or office by following these tips:

  1. If you smoke, quit, or at least don't smoke in the house.

  2. Control dust mites.

  3. Control mold. Molds grow wherever there is dampness; fix leak and do not put carpet over concrete slab floors.

  4. Reduce pollen by using an air conditioner.

  5. The use of an BreatheEz Air Purifier is of value in removing particles of dust, mold, bacteria and pollens from the air. Use as directed.

You’ll notice a difference soon after installation, and, after a few days of breathing activated oxygen, you may even feel that your overall vitality has improved. While we make no health claims regarding the BreatheEz Air Purifier , our customers—especially asthma and allergy sufferers—consistently report increased feelings of wellness, less stressful breathing and a noticeably more pleasant living environment following installation of this remarkable device.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eliminate Cigar and Cigarette Smoke

Is there a smoker in your family? Do you entertain guests who smoke? The BreatheEz Air Purifier eliminates the aroma and smoke from cigars and cigarettes quickly and effectively. Ozone oxidizes the phenol gases found in tobacco smoke, eliminating the irritation to one’s eyes and the offensive odor.

Friends and family are sure to enjoy socializing in your home when the air they breathe has been purified by the BreatheEz Air Purifier. Results are so dramatic that even sensitive allergy and asthma sufferers can co-exist in a room where smokers are present!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Eliminate Cooking Odors!

There are many home remedies and store bought sprays and fresheners that promise to rid your home of cooking odors, but do any truly work?

Rid your home of these orders the proven way with our
BreatheEz Air Purifier!

Our purifier neutralizes strong cooking odors such as garlic, cabbage and seafood. You can feel free to prepare exotic meals, and remain confident that your home will smell springtime fresh when your guests arrive!

These unique fiber filters can be custom built to fit your home and needs. Call Air Purifying Systems & Solutions today to get started!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Allergy and Sinus Sufferers, Suffer No More!

While we make no health claims regarding our Air Purifier, our customers frequently report an increased feeling of wellness, less stressful breathing, and a noticeably more pleasnat living environment following installation of this remarkable device. They also appreciate the absence of household odors caused by smokers and pets.

Check out a great testimonial from one of our customers:

"My pet is home all day in a closed up house while I'm at work. Thanks to the BreathEZ Air Purifier, I no longer notice that "doggie" smell when I come home. The house is always fresh smelling and odor free now, and my daughter says the stuffy nose she gets from her allergies seems less noticeable, too. Thanks for a great product!"

-B. R. Riley
Davie, Florida

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