Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Jersey Has Their Share of Air Pollution

On Wednesday, September 21st, 2011, a group by the name of Environment New Jersey released a study which named four metropolitan areas in New Jersey among the top 20 American regions with the worst air pollution. Others on the Top 20 list include California, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, all high on the list.

The study claims that bad air days happen more often than we thing - and more frequently than EPA data shows. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is currently working on improving air quality and state that air quality is important to the administration and they want to protect the health of their residents.

Ozone, a chemical variant of oxygen, is one of the major components to what make New Jersey's air so bad. Ozone can cause irritation to the lungs, nose, throat and can flare up symptoms of those with respiratory issues. It is also very dangerous for young children and the elderly. Exposure to these conditions can lead to an increase in sickness and hospital visits.

A good portion of New Jersey's air pollution comes from industrial power plants and car exhaust. You can see huge spikes of contamination during rush hour - to and from work - as exhaust floods the streets of New Jersey's cities.

Environment New Jersey claims that this problem is bigger than anyone anticipated and while they did not expect to see the EPA's recent proposals rejected, they're still looking for help to clean up our air!

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Source: DailyRecord

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