Sunday, August 21, 2011

Air Contaminants - Lead

Found naturally in the environment, as well as in man-made products, Lead is a typical air contaminant.

One of the largest sources of lead in the air is from fuels from vehicles on the road. Since strict emissions requirements were put into effect my the EPA, the amount of lead in the air has decreased significantly since 1980 but is still part of why the air we breathe is contaminated today.

Lead can also be deposited into our soil from the air and can find itself in our drinking water supply. This can affect growth of plants, health of animal and the general state of the ecosystem.

Lead is also extremely harmful to the human body, causing neurological defects in children, negatively affecting kidneys, the immune system and has even been linked to behavioral problems, learning deficits and lowered IQ in young children.

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Source: EPA

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